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Preschooling at Home Resources

A great idea for resources on teaching preschool at home is to visit your local Christian bookstore.  Purchase a Sunday school lesson plan and begin teaching your young child each day about Jesus.  Not only will your child grow in God's word but you will be teaching them a love for learning.  Here are some resources you can purchase on-line.


Preschool at Home:  What do I do with my child befoe kindergarten?  There is no need for formal, out-of-the-home preschool. You are your child's best teacher. This booklet is designed to give you ideas and suggestions to help you think through what YOU want for YOUR child.  Each section has additional resources to pursue areas of interest. Includes: Making Your Foundation Strong; Building Your Child's Foundation; Learning Through Daily Life; Learning Through Activities; Learning Academic Skills. Published by Christian Home Educators Press, a division of CHEA of California. (softbound, stitched, 48+ pp)ISBN-0-9660937-9-8   

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Give Your Preschooler a Strong Start in Reading in Only 20 Minutes a Day Curriculm Click Here

Learning at Home: Preschool and Kindergarten
Description: Now parents who homeschool preschoolers and kindergartners have help, too! Learning at Home is a comprehensive, year-long agenda filled with creative lesson plans and encouragement for parents. Written by a homeschool teacher, it prepares your children for elementary school in a Christian environment using the resources found in your public library. 272 pages, softcover from Noble.

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Preschool Readiness:  Flexible enough to be customized to your child's individual rate of development, this teaching guide introduces concepts that will be needed later for understanding subjects such as reading, math, and science. You'll find instructions for more than 150 activities, a list of easy-to-find project materials, and developmental checklists for ages 12 to 60 months. 201 pages, softcover from Alpha & Omega.

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The central issue of day care is often framed to pit conservatives against liberals, working moms against stay-at-home moms, and feminists against traditional families. But the real conflict, as Robertson argues in this book, is between all parents and the day care establishment--a multimillion-dollar lobby with a vested interest in the expansion of subsidized day care services. Robertson reveals how this establishment works to increase its power and silence it critics. Researchers who point to a correlation between aggression among children and too much non-maternal care have seen their work vilified. Meanwhile, some scholars have disputed the obvious: that the mother-child bond is crucial to early childhood development. The day care lobby keeps pouring more money into elections, and politicians offer more subsides for commercial day care--while parents ask for policy options that would help them stay home with their children. This book is a brave and thoughtful book about a contentious debate whose outcome will have profound consequences for our children and our social future.