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The unfortunate truth is that working moms often miss seeing much of their younger children's development (first steps, first words, new discoveries, etc.) Homeschooling, especially as children get older, allows moms more time to interact and get to know their children better. Many working moms are tired from their workday, and the few concentrated hours in the evenings, when energy and emotional levels are low, are not ideal times for interaction.  J. Michael Smith, President HSLDA

























Challenges of considering homeschooling HSLDA

Considering Homeschooling

Considering Homeschooling Ministry

Today on Home School Heartbeat, Denise Kanter, cofounder of an organization called Considering Homeschooling, talks about some of the issues surrounding the decision to home educate.

    Mike Smith:
    Denise Kanter is with me today. Denise, what are some of the challenges people face when considering homeschooling?
    Denise Kanter:
    One of the biggest challenges today with families of young children is day cares and preschools and the temptation to put their kids in these programs. These families are being told that if their children go to preschool, they'll be better all-around children, smarter, brighter, when in fact it has been shown that the opposite is true. Another problem with these day cares and preschools is that once the family begins using these programs, the moms get used to the break and start developing hobbies, or never learn to handle more than one child at home. And actually, a lot of them go right back to work. So it becomes really difficult for these moms to gain confidence to homeschool because they put their kids in preschool and the preschool has done everything or maybe they just don't want to change their lifestyle. If they go into preschool, it's most often that they'll just put them into public school when they become of age. Considering Homeschooling: we consider ourselves a mentorship program. We start right at God's Word and provide them with Scripture. And Scripture's clear. When you share this with parents, it seems that they understand and respect the biblical commands to provide their children with a thorough, Christian education away from ungodly peers, teachers, and textbooks.
    Thank you, Denise. Until next time, I'm Mike Smith.

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