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Psychologist and professor of child development David Elkind discovered in his 2001 study "Much Too Early" that the capacity to manipulate symbols mentally is developed around age 5 or 6. This makes it possible for children to attain a level of achievement in math or reading, for instance, that is not possible for preschool children. Furthermore, a report by the Southwest Policy Institute says, "Contrary to common belief, early institutional schooling can harm children emotionally, intellectually and socially." J. Michael Smith, President HSLDA

"My primary purpose as a mother is to protect my son so that he becomes firmly rooted in faith and family before I let the harsh elements of our culture take a shot at him...The goal is not to isolate him, but to prepare him by laying a proper foundation. I want to be the primary influence in his life, not our culture. I want God to be the center of his life.” Former San Antonio News Anchor, Debora Daniels Albrecht - Homeschool Mom



















































Will Your Children Believe? 

By Denise Kanter

Christian parents have for decades followed in the footsteps of their secular counterparts and sent their children off to daycare or preschool, followed by another 12 or more years of secular, public schooling without a thought or consideration as to God’s commands to provide them with a Godly education. 

We could blame it on the majority of pastors and Christian leaders, who condone and send their children to public schools, but I doubt that it will matter much in the end, because we all have a Bible, we all have the ability to read the Scripture and live according to God’s Word. We are responsible to God alone, not to our pastors or Christian friends. When these secularly trained children from Christian homes reject Christ (which the overwhelming majority of them do), it will be the Christian parent that will stand and give an account before God.

The list of reasons for sending children into our Godless public schools is almost endless; “Our child is being salt and light,” “We need two incomes to survive,” “Our public school has some Christian teachers and administrators,” “We can’t just isolate our kids,” “Our kids need to learn the ways of the world sometime,” “Christian education is too expensive,” “Homeschooling is too hard,” “I’m a Christian and I made it through public school,” “My pastor’s kids are in public school,” “I am doing ministry work and do not have the time to homeschool,” “I am not a  teacher,” “But our school is different” “Where and how I educate my child is my choice!” The problem with each and every one of these reasons – excuses – is the fact that they all miss the point. And, what is that point? How about being obedient to God! Who is supposed to come first?  You, your child or God? My Bible says God is to come first which tells me that ALL things must rest upon and in Him, including a child’s education.

How you answer the next question may well decide where your child will spend eternity! “Are your children receiving a Godly education?” When you stop to consider that 70 to 85% of children attending pubic schools will reject Jesus by the time they graduate from high school, your answer had better be “Yes.”  Of course, God can do miracles, sometimes 10 to 15% of children in secular schools and colleges get saved. But His miracles do not relieve parents of their responsibility to be obedient. He has NOT given a parent permission to place their children in spiritual harms way.

Just why are public schools so horrific? Because everything they do comes from a humanistic worldview which stands diametrically opposed to God!  Secular humanism is a religion that teaches there is no God. Secular teachers and textbooks ingrain into your child’s mind that they are nothing more than a product of chance, a mutation, something which has evolved from slime. With God firmly out of the educational picture (or reduced to a condescending smirk on the face of a teacher or school administrator) sin becomes a concept of one’s own making, and therefore the need for redemption in Jesus Christ is no longer needed.  No other Scripture is more fitting for this than “Do not hinder the children from coming to me.”

The Bible says, “We shall not sit in the counsel of the wicked;” “A companion of fools will suffer harm.”  How can a Christian parent be obedient to Scripture when they place their child in a public school?  How can Christian parents be obedient to God when their children are companions of fools? How can a parent be obedient to the Lord when every textbook their children read contradicts His very Word?  Is it a sin to have your children in a pubic school? Christian’s may debate the issue of whether it’s a sin or not to send their children to a public school, but Scripture is quite clear -- there will be punishment for being disobedient to God and that includes our command to bring our children up in the love and admonition of the Lord -- and that includes educating them!

Nowhere in Scripture did God give authority for children to be taught by the government.  God’s divine authority for the family is for parents to train-up their children, NOT THE STATE.  Further, sending children to secular schools undermines the father’s role by removing his God given rights to train-up his children.  Fathers have no ability to control the views their children are being taught through a secular curriculum; or the un-Godly school-time friends they bond with; or the humanistic philosophies their teachers propagate.  Essentially, they have lost their fatherhood.

What are Christian parents sponsoring when they support the public school system? They’re supporting the propagation of humanism, sex education (which encourages sex outside of marriage, contraception and abortion), relativism, anti-Christian bigotry, homosexuality being promoted and taught as a normal, safe and loving lifestyle; inaccurate and subversive views of American history, gender confusion, feminism, evolution, radical environmentalism, disrespect for authority, socialism…and list goes on and on. All of which stands diametrically opposed to God and His infallible Word.

A secular, pubic education is not a choice for a Christian! The only options a Christian parent may choose from are either a Godly home education or sending them to a solid, biblically based, Bible teaching, Christian school – period. Scripture commands that we give our children a Christian education (the historical references in Scripture refer to a Godly home education). Further, Scripture clearly states that our children are His children. God gave them to us with complete instructions on how to teach them.  Yes, He gave the responsibility to parents to decide which Christian textbooks to use, which Bible studies their children should attend, which church they should attend, but sending a child to a secular, public school was never sanctioned by God.  It is not in Scripture and it is not an option. 

As Christians we commanded to be salt and light in this dark world. We are commanded to go forth and take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost. How can our children fulfill these commands if they are not equipped to do so?  How can we hope to even attempt to change our world for Christ if our future generations are being led away from Him by what they are being taught in the public education system?

Stop for minute and think. What if every Christian, pastor and Christian leader in our nation came together (including those fighting good causes like abortion, evolution, pornography, homosexuality, etc.) and said “Enough is enough! We are going to take back our children for Christ!” What is every Christian pulled their children out of the public education system and made sure they were brought back into the fold and received a Godly, biblical education? How long would it take before most, if not all, of the social ills which plague our nation began to heal or disappeared altogether? A generation? Two generations? Three? God has said, “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”(2 Ch. 7-14)  That’s a promise straight from God and God does not break His promises!

We must stop fueling the ungodly public education system with our children – regardless of the sacrifices we think we must endure.

I’ll end with this statement by Christopher Klicka, author of Home Schooling the Right Choice, (pp. 446): (A book every Christian parent homeschooling and not homeschooling should read.) “God’s truth and His principles are the foundation of all knowledge; children must not only be taught to believe as Christians but also to think as Christians; God’s principles must be taught to children in a comprehensive manner on a daily basis; God’s truth speaks to every academic discipline.  Where would Satan like our children to be taught?  Sending our children to modern public education is like playing Russian roulette with their souls.”

“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16)